I've developed a variety of Projects. From Single Page Apps(SPA), CMS Dashboards, Chrome Extensions etc. I often contribue to Open Source Projects. I've developed various Tools/Apps, like which serves millions of requests a week and serves over 10,000 registered users and millions of end users.

Intention to develop these apps is to learn some new tech, build something helpful to make Developers work easier or build some Sandbox apps to experiment around with various tech.

Dashboards & Applications is a free JSON storage and JSON hosting service. It's ideal for small scale web apps, website and mobile apps or mocking requests. There are over 13,000 registered users and serves over 1.8 million unique end users with over 18 million requests a month.


  • Store JSON Records

    Store JSON blobs which can be a real or a fake data. Can be used to mock data while developing apps using ReactJS, Vue etc.

  • Private JSON Records

    Records can be stored as a Public or a Private record. Private records need a secret-key to Create, Read, Update & Delete.

  • Validate JSON

    Syntax check your JSON records which makes it easy to debug and fix.

  • Collections

    Have multiple apps and want the data to be segregated? You can create multiple collections which can be used to store the data related to the App you want to store for.

  • Schema Validation

    You can create Schema Validation which can be attached to a collection. Creating a record in that collection will validate against a schema attached to that collection, thus ensuring that your records stay consistent.

  • Version Control

    Every time a record is updated, a new version is created, thus ensures that you will never lose your old data which later can be reverted to or can be useful as a reference.

  • Webhooks

    Get events on desired end-point for every Update, Create or Delete request.

Other Info

  • Released On 16/5/17

  • Active Users 7000+ (Registered)

  • Max Active Users 8000+

  • Open Source No

  • Status Maintained Actively

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ScrumBoard SPA powered by JavaScript. Create, Read, Update & Delete the tasks. Drag Drop and Switch Lanes to update the Status of the task. Add aditional information with each card, stores all the data locally.


  • Drag & Drop

    Easy UX to drag and drop the tasks to switch the swim lanes and update the state.

  • Offline Data

    All the tasks are stored in the Local Storage. Thus, are available offline.

  • Quick Edits

    No need to explicitly update your tasks, it stores the data as you type.

Other Info

  • Released On 20/11/16

  • GitHub Stars 350+

  • Github Contributors 2

  • Open Source Yes

  • Status Not Maintained

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Simple JavaScript library for Pretty Printing JavaScript errors. It also provides a remote logging option which sends all the data to the desired URL along with StackTrace of the JavaScript exception.


  • Pretty Print JavaScript Exceptions

    Pretty Prints JavaScript exceptions in the Console.

  • Stackoverflow Help

    Generates a Stackoverflow Search URL which is relevant to the JavaScript exception thrown.

  • Remote Logging

    Specify the Remote URL and it sends Exception StackTrace, along with other details like User Agent, File Name etc.

Other Info

  • Released On 29/6/16

  • GitHub Stars 400+

  • Github Contributors 6

  • Open Source Yes

  • Status Not Maintained

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This is one of the Open Source Project I had worked upon a few years back. I worked on the UI & UX. From Designing the OPCache Dashboard to Developing the Frontend for the same. No frameworks like Bootstrap or Preprocessors like SASS were used.


  • Responsive

    Dashboard is fully responsive. I had ensured that most of the components are supported on various devices, includes Tables as well.

  • Simple UI & UX

    I tried to keep the Design minimal and Flat. Confirmation modals were also replaced by smart buttons which on click changes into confirmation buttons rather than showing up a confirmation modal.

Other Info

  • Released On ?

  • GitHub Stars 1400+

  • Github Contributors 21

  • Open Source Yes

  • Status Actively Maintained

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Chrome Extensions

Advanced Notepad

Simple Notepad yet filled with rich features. Format text, create multiple notes, autosave, remote backup. Faster than ever.


  • Quick notes

    Handy to quickly save something without the need of creating new notes.

  • Multiple Notes

    You can create unlimited notes, each to store something unique.

  • Text Formatting

    Create Lists, change Font Size and Format the Text as you need.

  • Instant Autosave

    No need to Save the notes. It autosaves on every key stroke.

  • Cloud Backup

    Never lose your notes again. You can take backups on the Cloud (using You can restore these notes at any time on a different machine

Other Info

  • Released On 9/7/17

  • Active Users 10,000+

  • Max Active Users 12,000+

  • Open Source No

  • Status Maintained Actively

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Simple Notepad

A simple light weight notepad extension to store notes with an ease. Generally useful when you want to save phone numbers, links, reminders temporarily.


  • Auto Save Notes

    No need to save the notes. It autosaves the notes as you type.

  • Remembers Caret Position

    Start typing the notes from where you left.

  • Reports Last Saved

    Remembers the last saved edit and shows a Timestamp.

  • Indent Using Tab Key

    Use a Tab key to indent your notes.

  • Cloud Backup

    Never lose your notes again. You can take backups on the Cloud (using You can restore these notes at any time on a different machine

  • Export Notes

    Export your notes as .txt files.

Other Info

  • Released On 29/5/14

  • Active Users 6000+

  • Max Active Users 10,000+

  • Open Source No

  • Status Not Maintained

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Email Extractor

Email Extractor is a powerful email extraction extension for Chrome. Extension automatically fetches valid email IDs from the web page, you can copy paste particular email ids you need or export all of them to a text or CSV file. This plugin is now taken over by ManyContacts.


  • Extract Valid Emails

    Visit a web page and extension will automatically fetch all the valid emails from the page.

  • Export Emails

    Copy/Paste specific emails or extract them all as a .txt or .csv

  • Real Time Update

    Using Mutation Observer, it keeps a check on all DOM modify events and on every change, it tries to search for new emails with the need of refreshing the page.

Other Info

  • Released On ?

  • Active Users 1,00,000+

  • Max Active Users 1,20,000+

  • Open Source No

  • Status Sold

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