Advanced Notepad

Advanced Notepad Hero

Advanced Notepad is one of the several extensions I had developed for Chrome. It has a simple use case and is very rich in terms of features. It’s minimalistic design helps users navigate and use it with ease, without any sort of on-boarding.

What does it do?

Advanced Notepad is a Chrome extension and could be used in other browsers like Firefox as well as Edge. You could create multiple notes and store some quick notes without creating any additional documents. It allows you to embed images as well as format the text.

How does it work?

Advanced Notepad is majorly powered by JavaScript & jQuery along with Chrome Extension API for gathering and storing the data on the user’s browsers. Along with that, it uses JSONBin as the backup service which is one of the services I’ve developed.


  • Several Text Formatting Options
  • Create Multiple Notes
  • Quick Notes
  • Backup on Cloud using JSONBin
  • Offline Support
  • Data is stored locally until and unless you opt in for a cloud backup.


StatusMaintained Actively
Released On9/7/2017
Active Users9000+
Max Active Users12,000+
Open SourceNo