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Vaibhav Mehta
Engineering Manager @ BrowserStack


email alien@thisdomain

website 8bit.codes






Not looking for jobs actively.

about me

I've over nine years of experience working as a software developer, primarily focusing on the Frontend tech and have a strong grasp of the Backend tech as well.

I like to code majorly on JavaScript and related frameworks. I've worked on several projects, ranging from custom ERP Systems, Websites, Cloud Applications, which I usually prefer developing from scratch. I emphasize on building great user experiences along with high performant apps.

One of the most popular apps I've ever built is JSONBin.io which caters to thousands of users and serving over five million users a month.


I am mostly into JavaScript 🔥. Apart from JavaScript, I have decent experience working on Ruby, Ruby On Rails, PHP, MySQL, NodeJs, as well as MondoDB & Redis.

I often keep my self up-to-date with the latest technology trends and recently, I've explored Astro.

I usually prefer VueJS for Frontend development but I have fair experience working with ReactJS too. (lately, loving it, post they introduced React Hooks)

I often fiddle with Figma & AdobeXD in my free time. But I won't call myself a designer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

<!-- skill set :p

I strongly believe in collaboration and communication. These skills enable me to execute the projects in the best way possible, by keeping all the stakeholders up-to-date. I also have keen interest in the Product Management and Product <> Design discussions.

Apart from the above, I'm pro ownership and take full responsibility of the work assigned to me. I focus primarily on prioritization and take analytical driven approach which helps me take timely actions on the important things first.

(O_O) work exp

BrowserStack // 2015 - Current

Engineering Manager ➜ 2019 - Current

This is one of the most challenging roles I've ever worked upon at BrowserStack. While it is challenging, it is equally rewarding in terms of the amount of experience I've gained by facing various situations in terms of people, work, hiring, and managing the team in general.

I realized how important some of the skills are, like, Planning, Execution, and Leadership in general apart from the Tech Knowledge.

Apart from the Frontend team, I also started managing the Audit Tools team at BrowserStack where I primarily handled the Speedlab product of BrowserStack which is used for Web Page Performance testing.

My contributions were not only limited to managing people but also contributing towards developing the NodeJs App in the right way, upgrading our existing systems in the Speedlab based on the latest trends.

Lead Engineer ➜ 2018 - 2019

I started leading the Frontend team as we started scaling. I was responsible for various Frontend related initatives as well as hiring. Apart from leading the Frontend team, I was also responsible to lead the tech front in two other teams which were Systems and Growth teams at BrowserStack.

Senior Software Developer ➜ 2017 - 2018

As a Senior Software Developer, I contributed towards development of new App Products of BrowserStack, App Live & App Automate. Some of my major contributions here are:

Software Developer ➜ 2015 - 2017

I joined BrowserStack as a Frontend developer but soon, I started working on other technologies like Rails & RoR as well. As an SDE, I worked in three different teams (RailsApp, Web, Live and App Live teams) where I worked on some of the major projects in BrowserStack, here are a few to name:

Freelancing // 2014 - 15

I had resigned from my very first job because of some health related issues and I took a break for a year to recover. While I was working from my home, I started focusing on some of the Freelancing projects I received via several referrals from Friends and Colleagues.

I had developed several Static & Dynamic websites for customers, built majorly using PHP & JavaScript like Joomla, WordPress, jQuery, etc.

Neel Networks Pvt. Ltd. // 2013 - 14

Lead Software Engineer

This was my very first job where I was hired based on a Custom ERP System I had developed on PHP which was more or less a PHP ERP Framework which could host over 100s of custom systems and could act as a backend for any website.

I was one of the first devs to join the company and over the next few months, I scaled the team to over 15 developers before I left due to medical reasons.

I used to handle end-to-end operations for them, in terms of developing projects, planning, executing them, speaking with overseas clients and much more.

education ;)

I've done my B.Com (Major in Finance) from Malini Kishor Sanghvi College of Commerce and Economics.

I was interested in programming since school days but I never got an opportunity to learn. Post my graduation, I decided to pursue my passion in programming and entered the world of www development.

// hobbies

I have several hobbies, like collecting Hotwheels, Photography, Gaming (I play a lot of games) and sometimes, I prefer reading comic books (non-superhero)

Apart from that, lately, I've found a new love of going for long drives which I wish to continue for several more years.

Overall, I am really passionate about tech. I love to develop useful and meaningful apps which eventually I use them as a sandbox to learn other important technologies. ✌🏼