PHP OpCache Hero

PHP OpCache GUI was one of my first open-source contributions project. It was developed by @PeeHaa, a friend of mine on StackOverflow. It happened that PeeHaa wanted someone to help him build a decent UI for the PHP OpCache Dashboard where I helped him with not only the Frontend part but also with the Dashboard Designs.

Back then, I didn’t know Git much and hence, had committed all the changes in one go with the help of PeeHaa :)

What does it do?

Quoting from the Git repository itself:

GUI for PHP’s OpCache. I started this project to see what you can do with PHP’s OpCache. There are already a couple of projects who implement something like this, but they are either a “one file to rule them all” or just not very nice looking.

If you are looking for a simple single file status GUI please see Rasmus’ one-page OpCache project.

How does it work?

Honestly, I didn’t get into it much back then around how it works or what it does in general. Based on whatever I’ve referred to on the project’s readme, it’s more around a GUI of PHP OpCache where it allows you to control your cache, invalidate, check other stats like Cache Status, Free Memory, Used Memory, etc.


Some of the features which PHP OpCache GUI provides are:

  • Reset Status
  • Details around Cache Status, Memory Usage and other Statistics like Cached Scripts, Keys, Max Cached Keys, Hits, etc.
  • Displays Cache Configuration
  • Lists Cache Scripts which could be Invalidated separately.
  • Graphs for Memory, Keys & Hits


Over 70,000 registered users as of September, 2022 generating over a million requests a day.

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