Privacy Policy

This page consists the Privacy Policy of the Apps I've built and hosted over Chrome Webstore and similar services.

This document will explain how your data is consumed by each of these apps.

If you wish to save your time, here's a tl;dr, I do not store any data whatsoever on any machine of mine (except for if you store it on jsonbin.io where again, the data is secure.)

Your data is yours to keep. Most of my apps store the data using Chrome LocalStorage.

Advanced Notepad

Advanced Notepad Chrome Extension is a simple yet filled with rich features.

Data Usage

Any notes you store on the Advanced Notepad extension stays in your browser and are not stored anywhere else. The data is stored locally on your machine and I do not have any access to it whatsoever.

For the backup functionality, it uses https://jsonbin.io service which is a service built by me. When you backup your data of Advanced Notepad, it is stored on JSONBin.io and in this scenario, your notes are stored on the cloud database but again, this data cannot be accessed by anyone except for you who has the ID.

If you wish to check the Privacy Policy of the JSONBin.io, refer to https://jsonbin.io/privacy.

If you wish to delete any of your cloud backup of JSONBin.io, you can contact me for the deletion.

Rest, there is nothing to be shared in the privacy policy as Advanced Notepad does not track, or backup any of your data without your permission.